About us

Vaalit is an online, secure solution for entities that need to run elections.

As the world is organizing around the global pandemic of Covid-19, many elections are harder to organise. That shouldn’t happen. That is why Vaalit enables those elections to be maintained remotely.

As we believe that NGOS, associations, or companies shouldn’t be stuck by the fact that people can’t gather to vote, we are offering a secure environment for voting processes. In order to fit everyone’s needs, Vaalit is adaptable to all sizes of organization.

With a personalized support, we offer dedicated evolutive solutions. From general assembly to awards and nominations ceremony, Vaalit is there for all the key moments of the life of your company.

Vaalit ensures the security of the vote by giving you access to the traceability of your ballot. All you have to do is building your election and run it.

Vaalit was developed by Check First, a Finnish company that helps fighting disinformation. Yes, honesty, transparency and state-of-the-art processes are at the core of our principles. Find out more on checkfirst.network

VAAL.it Simple and secure election system


The simplest election system